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Need help with upstream vs Debian emacs-23.4 build differences

From: Svante Signell
Subject: Need help with upstream vs Debian emacs-23.4 build differences
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 01:09:41 +0200

Hello help-gnu-emacs,
Cc: emacs-devel

I hope this is the right forum for my question:
When building emacs-23.4 from the tarball everything works fine for
GNU/Hurd, with and without the Debian configure options and build flags,
see below. (and all *.elc files are built if the provided ones are

However, on Debian the whole source tree is copied to debian/build-?
where ?=x,nox,lucid. This causes the build to behave differently (and
fails for GNU/Hurd). I've traced this down to that for the tarball the
following files are modified (*~ versions are created)
loaddefs.el, subdirs.el,
but they are the same as the distributed ones.

For the Debian build-? the following files are modified:
eshell/esh-groups.el, calc/calc-loaddefs.el
cedet/ede/loaddefs.el, /cedet/semantic/loaddefs.el,

eshell/esh-groups.el, calc/calc-loaddefs.el, subdirs.el are the same as
distributed, but loaddefs.el, cedet/ede/loaddefs.el,
cedet/semantic/loaddefs.el, cedet/srecode/loaddefs.el are not!

What is triggering the differences, and where can they be found,
especially the large lisp/loaddefs.el debian/build-?/lisp/loaddefs.el?

Is the problem that the build directory differs from the code (it should
not, everything is copied with cp -a, timestamps seems to be OK, etc)

>From the build logs differences are shown in the attached snippets,
emacs-23.4.log_part is from the tarball build and 
emacs23-23.4.1+1.log_part is from the Debian build. the tarball log does
not have this autoload part before saving lisp/loaddefs.el.

Please Cc: me, since I'm not subscribed.

Thanks in advance.

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