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Re: Need help with upstream vs Debian emacs-23.4 build differences

From: Svante Signell
Subject: Re: Need help with upstream vs Debian emacs-23.4 build differences
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 10:01:19 +0200

On Fri, 2012-06-29 at 08:49 +0200, Andreas Schwab wrote:
> Svante Signell <address@hidden> writes:
> > eshell/esh-groups.el, calc/calc-loaddefs.el, subdirs.el are the same as
> > distributed, but loaddefs.el, cedet/ede/loaddefs.el,
> > cedet/semantic/loaddefs.el, cedet/srecode/loaddefs.el are not!
> >
> > What is triggering the differences, and where can they be found,
> > especially the large lisp/loaddefs.el debian/build-?/lisp/loaddefs.el?
> Since you didn't tell what are the differences that is hard to answer.

Thank you for your reply. 

Makefile differences are:
diff -u ../emacs-23.4/Makefile ./debian/build-x/Makefile: Mainly doc
 diff -u ../emacs-23.4/lisp/Makefile ./debian/build-x/lisp/Makefile:
almost the same:

-u ../emacs-23.4/lib-src/Makefile ./debian/build-x/lib-src/Makefile:
similar to the above
diff -u ../emacs-23.4/src/Makefile ./debian/build-x/src/Makefile: same
as above

Is cpp used to process the Makefiles, if so where to find it?
Another piece of information is that when replacing the dumped emacs
from Debian with the one from the tarball, build is OK! So it seem that
the differences are in temacs or the dumped emacs.

Next is the differing .el files from the Debian build:
diff -u  lisp/loaddefs.el ./debian/build-x/lisp/loaddefs.el >

diff -u
lisp/cedet/ede/loaddefs.el ./debian/build-x/lisp/cedet/ede/loaddefs.el >

diff -u  ./debian/build-x/lisp/cedet/semantic/loaddefs.el
lisp/cedet/semantic/loaddefs.el > lisp_cedet_semantic_loaddefs.el.diff

diff -u
lisp/cedet/srecode/loaddefs.el  ./debian/build-x/lisp/cedet/srecode/loaddefs.el 
> lisp_cedet_srecode_loaddefs.el.diff

Unfortunately, lisp_cedet_semantic_loaddefs.el.diff and
lisp_loaddefs.el.diff are 85k and 230k respectively, but I'm attaching
the other two.

Where does the additional code come from?

FYI: All these builds are done on Linux/i386 for speed reasons, but the
problems are the same. Difference is that the GNU/Hurd build hangs when
compiling lisp/cedet/srecode/mode.elc, and the linux build succeeeds.
Additionally, with the modified code the compile of the above emits:
Compiling /home/srs/hurd-installer/DEBs/linux_DEBs/emacs/emacs23-23.4
Parsing  *srecode-map-tmp* (LALR)...
Parsing  *srecode-map-tmp* (LALR)...done
Parsing  *srecode-map-tmp* (LALR)...
Parsing  *srecode-map-tmp* (LALR)...done
Wrote /home/srs/hurd-installer/DEBs/linux_DEBs/emacs/emacs23-23.4

Without the *.el changes (tarball), the build does not show this.

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Attachment: lisp_cedet_srecode_loaddefs.el.diff
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