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term-mode: allowing reflowable text

From: Michael Hoffman
Subject: term-mode: allowing reflowable text
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2012 17:27:34 -0700

In term-mode, when the terminal process supplies more text than can
fit on a line, term-emulate-terminal puts text into the buffer up to
the current number of columns, inserts a hard newline, and starts
again on the next line.

I have modified my own copy of term-emulate-terminal to just keep
putting text into the buffer without these hard breaks. This allows me
to resize the window later and text produced in this way will reflow
dynamically, which is very convenient for most programs I run,
avoiding new awkward soft line breaks when the window becomes smaller

Would the maintainers be interested in a patch that implements this
behavior depending on the value of some variable (perhaps called
term-add-hard-newline, defaulting to t/the current behavior)?

Many thanks,
Michael Hoffman

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