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Re: inclusion of emacs-w3m

From: Stefan Schlee
Subject: Re: inclusion of emacs-w3m
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012 01:33:34 -0700 (PDT)

This posting may miss the spirit of this thread but anyhow:

Have you tried using Conkeror (http://www.conkeror.org/)?

As far as I understand this is based on xulrunner, but it behaves like Emacs.

Because it is based on xulrunner it is a fully featured HTML-browser (_javascript_, CSS, cookies, forms etc. support).  Normally I have an Emacs instance and Conkeror instance open, and because it behaves like Emacs I sometimes forget that I am interacting with the browser.

Wouldn´t it be much more in the UNIX-kind of spirit to not reinvent the wheel but to use and combine the tools all ready existing?  Which means would it not be better to work on a really good interface between Emacs and Conkerer and relieve yourself of the work involving the maintenance of top notch _javascript_, CSS interpreters etc..  For me it would be enough to have excellent access to the html-source, the DOM-tree, _javascript_ code, CSS files, cookies etc. in an Emacs buffers, and have the page rendered by Conkeror.

Kind regards Stefan

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