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Re: Feature freeze on October 1

From: Stefan Merten
Subject: Re: Feature freeze on October 1
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2012 11:35:19 +0200


I found more time for working on `rst-mode' then I expected :-) .

2 days ago Chong Yidong wrote:
> Stefan Merten <address@hidden> writes:
>> I'm currently working on integration of `imenu'/`which-func' support
>> for `rst-mode'. Bug #11711 - being a feature request - has a patch
>> which seems to work. However, a proper integration needs refactoring
>> of the patch and a few other parts. I'm into this right now but given
>> my two week vacation starting next week I won't be able to commit a
>> final version of this feature before October 1.

I already committed a version although it needs some refactoring. In
principle my last version can go into 24.3 though. It's functionally

>> Second I'd like to revamp the faces for section headers. At the moment
>> there is some automatic calculation of the faces but in the past this
>> caused some pain for users and I decided to replace it with normal
>> `defface'. AFAICS this is not much work but a user visible change.
>> Again I can't commit this before October 1.

That was much easier than I thought and I already committed a version
with this stuff.

I released this version upstream, too, so if anything went wrong for
this stuff I think I'll get response soon and can fix it after the
freeze period.

>> So I'd like to ask for an extension until October 15. Is that ok?
> OK, assuming your changes are localized to imenu/which-func/rst-mode.

Thanks. However, having completed my homework sooner than I expected
the current state of `rst.el' can be frozen, actually.



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