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Re: Feature freeze on October 1

From: Stefan Merten
Subject: Re: Feature freeze on October 1
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2012 20:22:22 +0200


4 days ago Chong Yidong wrote:
> If you are working on a feature that you'd like included in 24.3,
> please commit it before October 1 or ask for an extension.

I'm currently working on integration of `imenu'/`which-func' support
for `rst-mode'. Bug #11711 - being a feature request - has a patch
which seems to work. However, a proper integration needs refactoring
of the patch and a few other parts. I'm into this right now but given
my two week vacation starting next week I won't be able to commit a
final version of this feature before October 1.

Second I'd like to revamp the faces for section headers. At the moment
there is some automatic calculation of the faces but in the past this
caused some pain for users and I decided to replace it with normal
`defface'. AFAICS this is not much work but a user visible change.
Again I can't commit this before October 1.

So I'd like to ask for an extension until October 15. Is that ok?

> As usual, once the freeze is in effect, please commit only bug fixes to
> the trunk, i.e. no new features or non-trivial internals changes.  If
> you would like an exception, ask for one on emacs-devel.

I have a lot of ert-based tests for my `rst-mode' and as `testcover'
told me I have a really good test coverage :-) . Therefore I'm pretty
sure I won't break anything when refactoring. Under these conditions
is refactoring allowed even after the freeze?

In this case I could commit the current `imenu'/`which-func' feature
immediately and refactor it later and now work on the face stuff. This
may result in a shorter extension period.

In addition I'd like to know how long the trunk is frozen.



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