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Re: Isearch: retrieve last successful search string from when you quit (

From: Dani Moncayo
Subject: Re: Isearch: retrieve last successful search string from when you quit (`C-g')
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2012 21:12:25 +0200

>> The following approach overcomes these two problems:
>> Define a new user-option whereby the user can choose between
>> these 3 behaviors:
>> a. Don't remember any cancelled search strings: i.e., the
>> current behavior.
>> b. Remember only the last cancelled search string: if the users
>> cancels an i-search with `C-g', that search string will be retrieved
>> by `C-s C-s' or `C-s M-p' as if it was stored at the top of the search
>> ring; but this string will be forgot/removed after the next i-search
>> session.
>> b. Remember all cancelled search string: any cancelled search string
>> will be pushed to the search ring, like the accepted ones.
>> I think this approach is simple and flexible.  I would adapt to the
>> different usage patterns that people have expressed so far in this
>> thread.
> None of those 3 does what I proposed and what you tried: be able to _yank_ 
> that
> search string anywhere you like into the current search string, as many times 
> as
> you like.

Mmmm... I think this problem is pretty insignificant, since:
* Usually you will not want to do that (yank the search string
multiple times or in other places than the minibuffer).
* If you want to do that, you always can do `C-s M-p C-a C-k' and yank
it anywhere.

Therefore, IMO the advantages of my proposal (simplicity/flexibility)
outweigh this problem, but YMMV.

Dani Moncayo

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