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Emacs require project support (like in every IDE).

From: Oleksandr Gavenko
Subject: Emacs require project support (like in every IDE).
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 23:09:40 +0200
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Yea, I know:

  site:emacswiki.org project

I try 'eproject' in one evening and get stuck in its manual. And I know that
this is external package...

I can't find build-in replace in many files command (except
tags-query-replace, which require TAGS file).

I dictate '_build'/'_dist' dir names in my job project to speedup and avoid
duplications when "M-x rgrep" (as generic name 'build' may be occurred in
source hierarchy!).

I actively use '.dir-locals.el'. Fine thing. They mostly solve:

 * per project configs (like indenting/formatting/character encoding)

but with some issues. And there are no any user friendly editing interface...


 * per project M-c compile in any project subdir
 * completion to make/ant/maven/etc build tools ('Ant' have '-p', GNU also
   make can dump all targets by '-p', ...)

'find-file-at-point' can search for .js files completion in 'src/js' dir, for
.jsp files in 'src/webapp', etc.


 * per project searches/replaces

But most wanted is a standard API and conventions to retrieve per-project
settings for current buffer or directory.

So instead of thousand incompatible external hacks from emacs wiki - one
implementation in Emacs core.

Best regards!

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