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Re: Emacs require project support (like in every IDE).

From: Alex Ott
Subject: Re: Emacs require project support (like in every IDE).
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2012 19:37:11 +0100
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The EDE package is a part of CEDET, and you can build corresponding
functionality on top of it. EDE project can provide information about
project-specific things, in addition to information about project root,

I'm currently working on integration of ant, maven & leiningen into EDE...
Maven project type already supports compilation of the project from any
file inside this project, it automatically obtains classpath info from
Maven, and uses it for name completion -- just grab fresh CEDET from bzr.
Support of Ant & Leiningen will be committed during next 2 weeks, I hope,
I'll find free time to finalize this work

Oleksandr Gavenko  at "Wed, 21 Nov 2012 23:09:40 +0200" wrote:
 OG> Yea, I know:

 OG>   http://search.gmane.org/?query=project&group=gmane.emacs.help
 OG>   site:emacswiki.org project
 OG>   http://stackoverflow.com/search?q=emacs+project

 OG> I try 'eproject' in one evening and get stuck in its manual. And I know 
 OG> this is external package...

 OG> I can't find build-in replace in many files command (except
 OG> tags-query-replace, which require TAGS file).

 OG> I dictate '_build'/'_dist' dir names in my job project to speedup and avoid
 OG> duplications when "M-x rgrep" (as generic name 'build' may be occurred in
 OG> source hierarchy!).

 OG> I actively use '.dir-locals.el'. Fine thing. They mostly solve:

 OG>  * per project configs (like indenting/formatting/character encoding)

 OG> but with some issues. And there are no any user friendly editing 

 OG> Next:

 OG>  * per project M-c compile in any project subdir
 OG>  * completion to make/ant/maven/etc build tools ('Ant' have '-p', GNU also
 OG>    make can dump all targets by '-p', ...)

 OG> 'find-file-at-point' can search for .js files completion in 'src/js' dir, 
 OG> .jsp files in 'src/webapp', etc.

 OG> Also:

 OG>  * per project searches/replaces

 OG> But most wanted is a standard API and conventions to retrieve per-project
 OG> settings for current buffer or directory.

 OG> So instead of thousand incompatible external hacks from emacs wiki - one
 OG> implementation in Emacs core.

With best wishes, Alex Ott
http://alexott.blogspot.com/        http://alexott.net/
Skype: alex.ott

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