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Re: Network Manager

From: Ian D
Subject: Re: Network Manager
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 11:25:30 -0500

       Answers to next round of questions:

       > Maybe your code could protect the respective D-Bus call with
       > `dbus-ignore-errors'. With this, wired connections might be visible at
       > least.

       To use ENWC in wired mode, press 'W'.  I probably should have put
       that in the commentary.

       > What about `dbus-call-method-asynchronously'? The handler could update
       > the enwc buffer, and you aren't blocked during scan.

       I've tried that, but here's the problem with at least Wicd (Not
       so certain about NetworkManager):  The "Scan" function for Wicd
       takes a parameter `sync'.  This is `t' if the user wants a
       synchronous call, and `nil' otherwise.  The issues I ran into
       before were with this, and `dbus-call-method-asyncronously'
       doesn't really help with it.

       If `sync' is `nil', then the function returns `t', and goes
       into the background, but doesn't provide a way to see when the
       scan is finished.  It returns immediately, so
       `dbus-call-method-asynchronously' doesn't help.  If I try using
       `dbus-call-method-asynchronously' with `sync' as `t', then it
       just doesn't return until another call to "Scan" is made, which
       then compromises the return results

       > Is it asynchronous?  That is, can one go on editing while it makes a
       > connection?

       This part, there are no problems with (Again, not much testing
       with NetworkManager).  For Wicd, it begins connecting to the
       network, and disappears into the background.  For both of them
       (assuming that NetworkManager doesn't block during connection),
       the mode line string then switches to `[*%]', and will switch
       to the signal strength if it connects, or `[0%]' if it is not
       connected.  This allows the user to keep an eye on the connection

Ian D

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