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Re: superword-mode

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: superword-mode
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 15:31:40 -0400
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On Wed, 27 Mar 2013 12:33:26 -0400 Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> wrote: 

>> Overriding the CUA `left-word' and `right-word' command works OK with
>> `subword-mode' and `superword-mode', except that S-C-left and S-C-right
>> don't initiate a selection.  I don't know if that's trivially fixed or
>> not.

SM> Yes, the fix is in the interactive spec (which needs a "^").

At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I tried

  (interactive "^p")

and it didn't work, I still don't start a selection with S-C-left/right:

#+begin_src lisp
(defun subword-forward (&optional arg)
  (interactive "p")

(defun subword-backward (&optional arg)
  (interactive "^p")

(defun subword-right (&optional arg)
  "Do the same as `right-word' but on subwords."
  (interactive "^p")

(defun subword-left (&optional arg)
  "Do the same as `left-word' but on subwords."
  (interactive "^p")

I hope it's something trivial I've missed.


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