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Resolving conflicts between gnulib and nt/inc headers

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Resolving conflicts between gnulib and nt/inc headers
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2013 20:29:11 +0300

In my work on building the w32 Emacs by running the Posix configury, I
hit a problem with headers produced in lib/ which conflict with the
headers we have in nt/inc/ and with the MinGW system headers.

In the current Windows build scripts, most of the lib/*.in.h templates
are not edited into the corresponding *.h files, so these problems
never arise.  But when using the Posix build procedure, lib/Makefile
is produced such that most of these headers are generated
unconditionally (so I cannot control that from the configure script).
Here's a partial list of those headers:


For now, I'm forced to use a very dirty trick: define some macro that
forces gnulib headers to just #include_next the same header either
from nt/inc or from the syste, include directory.  E.g., to bypass
gnulib's time.h, I define _GL_TIME_H (yuck!).  But I certainly hope
there is a cleaner way, or perhaps gnulib maintainers could add a
cleaner way if there isn't one already.  E.g., how can I prevent
certain headers from being produced from their *.in.h templates?

Any suggestions are welcome.  TIA.

P.S.  Progress report: (1) the configure script runs and produces a
correct src/config.h; (2) the programs in lib-src compile and link OK;
(3) C sources in src/ compile with a few warnings and one error.

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