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Re: About the web pages repository

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: About the web pages repository
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2013 14:10:29 -0400
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xfq wrote:

> Why is the web pages repo of Emacs still using CVS?  I cannot find the
> original post for this decision, and I know commits to the web pages
> repo are less often than the sources repo.  But I think it is more
> convenient and maintainable to use one VCS for a project (Emacs).


and numerous other places. Key quote:

    Meanwhile, it's pretty pointless to have this discussion (for the
    umpteenth time) when none of us are the people who are going to do the
    work. [...]

    If anyone wants access to savannah to look around on their own, try to
    understand and help with the systems there (and has time available to do
    such), just let me know.  There is no barrier there.

So if you think this is important, off you go.

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