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Re: outlook message/diary handling

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: Re: outlook message/diary handling
Date: Sun, 05 May 2013 02:00:40 +0100

Glenn Morris <address@hidden> writes:

> More entries for diary-outlook-formats are welcome.
> (The one time I got Outlook appointment messages, this feature was no
> use, as I explain in the comments before that variable.)

Ok... well, I'll do that if I can get a useable dev tree going so I can
submit up to date patches.

[insert bzr rant here]

> I think code for mailers that don't come with Emacs doesn't belong in
> Emacs. I added diary-from-outlook-function that those mail clients can
> set to whatever.

Why would you think that? we allow things to be packaged. We should
encourage good APIs for separations sake.

Encouraging cohesive code is just a quick way to build spagehetti. Which
is what this looks like.

diary-from-outlook-function is kind of what I was thinking of doing. I
was going to suggest a buffer-local variable for something like that so
modes could set it up if they wanted to.

>> 2. diary-from-outlook ends with diary-from-outlook-internal which only
>> handles diary entries in Emacs' diary format. But many people like to
>> keep their diary in org mode. So being able to add entries in either
>> format would be good.
> If Org mode needs something different for some reason, I think that's
> code that belongs in Org mode. So try address@hidden

Well, it's the Emacs code that's doing this. I would add a further layer
of indirection to the entry handling code that allowed the user to
choose a type of diary entry which then selected an appropriate

I'll send patches I guess, again, when I have a working emacs repo.

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