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Re: SES local variables to define printers

From: Vincent Belaïche
Subject: Re: SES local variables to define printers
Date: Sun, 26 May 2013 22:25:58 +0200

Stefan Monnier a écrit :
>> Well, it also means that your .emacs will grow endlessly as you create
>> new sheets, and also that you cannot archive the sheet+printer in the
>> same batch easily.
> I find it odd that the set of printer functions would grow endlessly
> with the number of sheets; I'd expect there to be a fairly limited
> number of them, but maybe they differ in "minor" details.

Well, mainly some surounding of the information, some number formatting,
etc... as you have a great number of possible combinations, that would
really make things grow endlessly.

In fact I think that the simplest/safest way would be if the printer
would be some string, that SES would interprete to build the
function. The thing is that I need to extend the format %d %f and on on
to cover Calc objects. This is something which I had already being
thinking about for some time, but I have not yet dared go into it.

> But it sounds like you'd want to extend SES so that you can store/share
> definitions of functions in the SES file.
> E.g. when you do `p (lambda (...)) RET' SES could immediately ask you to
> name that function and save the result somewhere in the file.

That would not really make it safer because any hacker could find the
`somewhere in the file' and put some malicious definition there.

>> border effect and without any loop structure.
> Actually, loop structure doesn't sound problematic w.r.t safety.

My concern was more about getting the system stuck, but you still have
the C-g

>         Stefan


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