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Trouble with texinfo-multiple-files-update

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Trouble with texinfo-multiple-files-update
Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2013 09:29:13 +0900

Alan Mackenzie writes:

 > Then I come to update the main menu in the top file emacs.texi.  I was
 > unfortunate enough to try out C-u M-x texinfo-multiple-files-update.
 > This has loaded 44 .texi files needlessly into my Emacs, marking almost
 > all of them as "changed", though I suspect these "changes" are all
 > null.

I suspect they're not null.  Based on my own experience, I guess what
happened is that t-m-f-u hasn't been run in a while so there were a
lot of updates.

 > So now I've got the hassle of getting rid of these 44 "changed" buffers,
 > when all I really wanted to do was update the main menu.  It would have
 > been less work just to update the main menu by hand.

No, it wouldn't, because there's an excellent chance you'd screw up
t-m-f-u and somebody would have to fix things eventually.

 > What do other people do when they want to update the main menu?

t-m-f-u followed by C-x C-b.  In XEmacs, I can't sort on the mode
AFAIK, which would be really convenient when I've got 100 other
buffers open.

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