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Re: Continuous Integration for package.el Packages

From: Sebastian Wiesner
Subject: Re: Continuous Integration for package.el Packages
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2013 18:26:33 +0200

2013/7/7 Moritz Ulrich <address@hidden>:
> Hash: SHA256
> Hello,
> During my efforts to integrate package.el packages into the Nix[1]
> package manager, I started running automatic builds on all packages
> available in GNU ELPA and Marmalade packages.

Do you intend to test MELPA, too?   It builds snapshot versions, which
are more interesting to test.

> The results are available on my Hydra instance[2]. Most build errors are
> caused by missing 'Version' headers. Some others fail because they
> depend on packages neither available in ELPA nor in Marmalade (visible
> in the 'Evaluation Errors' tab).
> The code implementing all this is available on Github[3]. A cronjob
> fetches new releases every four hours, Hydra starts building soon after.
> What do you think of this? Is it useful? Does your build fails, even if
> it works on your local Emacs instance? Please tell me!

To be honest, it is not useful for me.

I already have a more powerful setup for automatically build and test
my Flycheck package.  It's based on Carton and Vagrant to create
automated and repeatable VMs for local unit testing and Travis CI to
build my package and run my ERT tests after every single push.

As long as you do not run my ERT tests with all necessary dependencies
(beyond just package.el deps), you don't tell me anything I didn't
already know.

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