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Re: Continuous Integration for package.el Packages

From: Moritz Ulrich
Subject: Re: Continuous Integration for package.el Packages
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2013 17:51:07 +0200
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Dmitry Gutov writes:

> Moritz Ulrich <address@hidden> writes:
>> What do you think of this? Is it useful? Does your build fails, even if
>> it works on your local Emacs instance? Please tell me!
> My packages seem to build fine, thanks. I don't know how useful this is
> going to be, though, without email notifications to package authors, or
> something similar.

Hydra can do this, it's just a matter of extracting the authors & mail
addresses and adding them to the `meta' property of the package.

> I do have to ask: where does this package [version] come from?
> http://hydra.tarn-vedra.de/build/13352
> It's not on Marmalade or GNU ELPA. 

Sorry, forgot to mention this: Nix includes some Emacs packages which
are maintained by hand. I decided to keep them for legacy. They have a
lower priority when installing compared to package.el packages, so
keeping them won't hurt (package.el packages will always override them).


Moritz Ulrich

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