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Re: TRAMP: Host name must not match method ...

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: TRAMP: Host name must not match method ...
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2013 14:07:43 +0200
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Matt McClure <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Matt,

> Here's the backtrace the first time it stops:


>       tramp-dissect-file-name("/ssh:" t)
>       tramp-find-foreign-file-name-handler("/ssh:")
>       tramp-file-name-handler(substitute-in-file-name "/ssh:")
>       substitute-in-file-name("/ssh:")
>       apply(substitute-in-file-name "/ssh:")
>       tramp-completion-run-real-handler(substitute-in-file-name ("/ssh:"))
>       tramp-completion-file-name-handler(substitute-in-file-name "/ssh:")
>       substitute-in-file-name("/ssh:")


>       rfn-eshadow-update-overlay()

Strange. The user error in `tramp-dissect-file-name' is raised only when
`tramp-completion-mode-p' returns nil. That function checks (beside
other things) the variable `non-essential', which is bound to t inside
`rfn-eshadow-update-overlay'. So there shouldn't be any problem.

Could you, please, check whether you might have shadow lisp files? Try
"M-x list-load-path-shadows".

In the debugger, you might also check the value of `non-essential', when
you pass `rfn-eshadow-update-overlay' and the break point.

>     C-x C-f /ssh:address@hidden:/ RET
> This time the backtrace looks different. I notice these two stack
> frames that look suspicious:
>       substitute-in-file-name("/ssh:address@hidden")
>       completion--sifn-requote(27 "/ssh:address@hidden:/")

Here I don't see exactly what happens; I'm not so familiar with the
completion code in minibuffer.el. But maybe this is caused by the same
reason as the first break, let's see.

Best regards, Michael.

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