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Re: managing windows in two frames

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: managing windows in two frames
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2013 13:55:44 -0400
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>> Ah, indeed it's simpler.  It does have the disadvantage of relying on an
>> obsolete variable, tho.
> I thought Jorge wanted something that works with existing (and elder)
> Emacsen.

Both needs exist: to work in older Emacsen, and to be "clean and
simple".  I care more about the second one.

>> Maybe we should define a new macro `with-inhibit-window-changes' which
>> could replace save-window-excursion for those uses (it might use
>> save-window-excursion internally, just in case, but would also try to
>> prevent creation of frames and window changes in other frames).
> We could easily do that but for one issue: Some buffer display calls
> expect that neither snow nor rain will prevent Emacs from producing a
> suitable window (compare bug#15213).

I know, which is why with-inhibit-window-changes would probably not
really prevent changing windows; instead it would work hard to limit
window changes to those that can be fully reverted by

> Also, a user's expectation that code following
>   (pop-to-buffer (generate-new-buffer " *temp*"))
> operates on the new buffer is not entirely silly given our current
> understanding of `pop-to-buffer'.

Indeed.  After pop-to-buffer it should "always" be the case that
current-buffer is the specified buffer and selected-window displays
that buffer.


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