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Mimic the window scrolling behavior of *Messages*

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: Mimic the window scrolling behavior of *Messages*
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 18:29:54 +0200
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another question for my log mode: I want to mimic the window scrolling
behavior of the *Messages* buffer: In any window *Messages* is displayed
where window point is at eob, window point will stay at the buffer end,
and the buffer is scrolled automatically in that window.

How can I adopt that behavior for my own log mode?  Currently, whenever
I insert to my log buffer, I loop over all windows displaying it a
function that moves window point to the buffer end when it was there
before the insertion.  This works in general - but not always.  It
doesn't work for recursive edits.  When I hit M-: foo C-g, for example,
window points are all restored to their values before the M-:.  After
that, the thing doesn't work anymore, because window point is not at eob

If I set `window-point-insertion-type' to t, it _does_ work, however.
But I can't set the global value in my package.  Using
`window-point-insertion-type' as a buffer local variable doesn't work,
however, as well as let-binding it.  In my experience,
`window-point-insertion-type' must be t in the current buffer (not in
the log buffer) to get what I want.

I'm thankful for any hints!



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