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Re: windows build failure

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: windows build failure
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2013 12:13:08 -0700
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>> > if you set your
>> > system clock to 1116918-05-14 19:20:32 UTC on such a host,
>> > or otherwise deal with outlandish time stamps, Emacs will
>> > have screwups, and it won't be trivial to fix this.

> So you are saying that 32-bit hosts will be dead for Emacs in about
> half a year (if I interpret that time stamp correctly), is that right?

No, it's A.D. 1,116,918, i.e., more than a million years
from now.  Pretty outlandish, admittedly, but people often
use Emacs for outlandish things.  On my 64-bit host with
TZ=UTC0, (current-time-string '(536870912 0)) returns
"Sat May 14 19:20:32 1116918", the correct value;
on GNU/Linux x32, though, Emacs configured without --with-wide-int
will report an error even though that platform's 64-bit time_t
can represent that time stamp; this is because 536870912 doesn't
fit in an Emacs integer when EMACS_INT is 32 bits.

I expect that MinGW32 will behave like GNU/Linux x32 once you
get those time_t pointer bugs fixed.

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