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Re: Input for TTY menus

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Input for TTY menus
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2013 11:40:08 +0300

> From: Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>
> Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 11:12:51 -0400
> Cc: address@hidden, address@hidden
> You might like to change the way your menus work so that it is the
> up-mouse (i.e. mouse-1) which performs the action and the down-mouse
> which are ignored.

Thanks, this seems to work well, so I installed the change as trunk
revision 114717.

> Of course, the first up-mouse event should be ignored if it happens very
> soon after the menu was popped up (and at about the same place as the
> down-mouse that triggered the menu).
> That's for the case where the menu was popped up in response to
> a down-mouse event.  In that case, if that down-mouse was "part of
> a click" we should ignore the subsequent up-mouse, but if instead the
> user does "press mouse-1, move to element, release mouse-1" then
> we don't want to ignore the up-mouse.

Dragging the mouse right after popping up the menu and releasing it to
select a menu item is very rare.  After the above change, indeed in
some cases releasing the mouse after dragging it does not select the
menu item, you need another click.  But I consider this a very rare
situation, and the remedy is simple and natural: click once more.  So
I didn't do anything about this case.

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