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Re: Menus with more items than the TTY can display

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Menus with more items than the TTY can display
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 09:19:16 +0200

> So, to summarize what we discovered until now:
>   . The problem seems to happen because, for some reason, the cursor
>     does not keep its horizontal coordinate, and Emacs is not aware of
>     that.  If cursor motion commands emitted by Emacs explicitly
>     specify an x-coordinate, the problem disappears.

For the problem to occur, the cursor must be at a leftmost position of
the frame, regardless of whether it's in the (possibly split) root
window or the echo area.

>   . This seems to happen only when output is delivered at high rate to
>     the screen, and seems to disappear when output is slowed down,
>     e.g. by hitting GDB breakpoints, even if their commands
>     immediately continue the debuggee.
>   . Enlarging the frame by merely 2 lines, to 26 lines overall, makes
>     the problem disappear.

Changing the number of columns of the frame does not seem to have any

>   . Faces used to display the menus don't have any effect on the
>     problem.
> Anything else?

The problem manifests itself with fonts larger than 10 pts.  With fonts
less equal 10 pts the problem does not occur.


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