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Re: Default behaviour of RET.

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: Default behaviour of RET.
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 01:15:20 +0400
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On 22.10.2013 00:53, Drew Adams wrote:
Every IDE does that when the user presses RET.

Not if you count Emacs as an IDE. ;-)

Only if you like splitting hairs.
Counting Emacs among points of reference for proposed change in Emacs behavior is useless.

The question is what would be the sane default.

The default Emacs behavior for this is quite sane, and has been so
for almost 40 years now.

It is sane because it is old? That's a bad argument.

That it is not the same as the default behavior of this or that
other application does not make the Emacs default behavior insane.

The Emacs default settings are considered outdated by many of its users (here's one tiny example: https://github.com/technomancy/better-defaults). So discussing changes in long-established behaviors can be useful.

You seem to be under impression that Eli is somehow new to using

You seem to be fantasizing.  The "foreign vantage point" is an
outside view, nothing more.

Yeah, and who's outside? One of the most prolific Emacs contributors?

That is the argument, no?  "All the
other guys are doing it another way."

Read it this way: "won't somebody think of the poor new users?"

And: "quite often standard behavior emerges for a reason".

If you view Emacs `C-j' from the point of view of "every IDE" then
I guess it is possible to find it "much less convenient" than `RET'.
Otherwise, it is not.

It's ~twice as inconvenient, for obvious reasons.

There is nothing new that makes the difference in convenience
between `C-j' and `RET' any greater now than it has been at any
point in the past.  Exactly the same difference: same mole hill.

It's not the greatest of problems one might find with Emacs, true.

For Emacs, `C-j' has been considered convenient for this behavior
for a very long time.  And I, for one, still find it convenient.
It doesn't get much more convenient than `C-j'.  Circulez ; il
n'y a rien a voir.

You still haven't answered why you want RET to be bound to `newline'.

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