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Info: Console Vs GUI difference?

From: T.V. Raman
Subject: Info: Console Vs GUI difference?
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 02:27:49 -0700

As noted on previous threads -- Emacspeak relies heavily on

I've observed something strange over the last few years that I've
been too lazy to fix, but started digging  into recently - it's
an interesting problem and may point to a curious underlying bug
-- here goes.

Basically, Info running under X  appears to be making  calls to
signal  after *every user command* -- the signal is also clearly
caught and handled at a fairly low-level because you ordinarily
never see it.

Here is a simple way to cause it to happen -- though it might not
be as easy to observe without Emacspeak active.

At an emacs frame running at the Linux console, hit C-h i to open
info (after ensuring that any previous info buffers are killed)
--  then hit either 'p' or 'u' or 'n' to trigger a user-error --
Emacs reports that  there is no where to go -- and all is well.
Kill this buffer.

Now, switch to an emacs frame in a graphical environment under X,
and repeat the experiment.

Once Emacs has triggered the user error in Info as before, what
I'm observing that when in the info buffer (and only in the info
buffer) something in Emacs appears to be calling signal under the
covers -- and the  signal is trapped and suppressed
**after**after every user action.

Looking through info.el hasn't shed any light ---


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