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Re: icomplete-mode vs. iswitchb

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: icomplete-mode vs. iswitchb
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2013 20:30:14 -0500
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> How does one achieve that? When I tried icomplete-mode, I was unable to
> figure out how to do that.

Which version of Emacs?

> (progn
>   (iswitchb-mode 0)
>   (icomplete-mode 1)
>   (get-buffer-create "mytesta")
>   (get-buffer-create "mytestb")
>   (get-buffer-create "yourtesta")
>   (get-buffer-create "yourtestb"))

> 1. How to pick the first item on the list without typing a lot? I want
>    to type a substring RET to pick the most recent buffer. With
>    icomplete-mode I type t e s t TAB and get test*.

why type TAB?  The list of completions is already displayed in the
minibuffer after typing "t e s t".

> 2. How to quickly rotate through the list? I want to type t e s t C-s

C-. and C-,  (the logic behind those is that , and . are just below <
and > in the US keyboard).

> A generic completion should also sort the entry by "most recently used"
> and I'm not sure how icomplete can do this.

It does sort by "most recently used" based on the history variable,


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