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Re: Eldoc mode in eval-minibuffer

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Eldoc mode in eval-minibuffer
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2014 12:59:26 -0500
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> Besides the usual gripes about such prominent changes in behavior
> being made during feature freeze,

I don't know of such a change.  AFAIK the change to eldoc installed
recently was about changing the implementation of
eldoc-post-insert-mode, to make it more like the normal eldoc mode.
I.e. a change in implementation more than in behavior.

>  . Since it is not in NEWS, chances are it will never get mentioned in
>    the manual, which is bad for default behavior.

IIUC this change in behavior was not intended.

Leo, can you take a look to see what's going on?

>  . Why does it make sense to show this information when you eval in
>    the minibuffer, but not when you eval in *scratch* or in IELM?

It doesn't.

>    The latter two sound like much better candidates for this feature.

Indeed, I'd like to enable eldoc-mode by default wherever it's
supported, but that's for after 24.4.

>  . I don't think turning this on by default in eval-minibuffer was
>    ever seriously discussed.  The ChangeLog entry refers to an obscure
>    bug report, but the discussions of that bug (which I have read at
>    the time, as I do with all bugs) never explicitly said anything
>    about the effect I see.  Makes me think that perhaps all this is
>    some mistake or unintentional consequence.

The discussions were about making eldoc work in the minibuffer, not
about enabling it, AFAIK.


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