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New tutorial (was: Emacs terminology (not again!?) [was: Apologia for bz

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: New tutorial (was: Emacs terminology (not again!?) [was: Apologia for bzr])
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 11:39:32 +0000
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>> If there is interest in incorporating it, I'd be willing to rewrite it.

> I'd welcome a new tutorial, that takes the same idea as the original
> one (i.e. a kind of "participative reading") but focuses on more
> powerful features such as keyboard macros, sexp-based movement. Of
> course, it should still include explanations about the C-foo notation,
> the concept of buffers and windows, etc... 

This was my idea. There is nothing wrong with talking about keyboard
controlled motion, but there is too much of it, and it should not be at
the start.

> Advertising things like Org mode would also make a lot of sense.

I think more "where to go from here" stuff would be an important
addition. Actually, I was thinking of writing it using org, then
exporting to text (minus markup).

> If it could be visually more appealing, it would be a plus.

Again, I agree, while noting that "visually appealing" is not one of my
big skills in life.

I'll have a think about it, and post here when I have more news. I'll
probably set up a repo somewhere to get going. Anyone got any options
about which VCS I should use?


(last sentence was an attempt at humour)

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