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Re: Converted git repository available for review

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: Converted git repository available for review
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2014 07:56:59 -0700
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Eric S. Raymond wrote:

The arch tag you're seeing must have been removed in .gitigores but not
in .bzrignores.  Other than the (trivial) bar-to-git syntax change
I'm not messing with the data or trying to do anything clever.

There are no arch tags in the trunk now, in either .gitignore or .bzrignore files. So something must have gone wrong in the lift.

The issue is what to do when a revision has both .bzrignores and
.gitignores.  The pfresent policy is to treat each .bzrignore with
a matching.gitignore as authoritative; that is, the .bzrignore
is translated and overwites the .gitignore.

The bzr trunk has just one .bzrignore, at the root; it also has one .gitignore at the root and 12 other .gitignore files scattered all over the place. (I don't know why.) From what you say, the git review1 should have the same pattern of files, with the old root .gitignore replaced by the translated .bzrignore (though I don't know why we should keep the .bzrignore -- shouldn't it be removed?). However, the git review1 has 38 .gitignore files (counting the one at the root). Where did they come from?

Plus, the git review1 is missing some .gitignore files that are in the trunk, namely lisp/cedet/.gitignore, lisp/leim/.gitignore, lisp/leim/quail/.gitignore. Why is that happening?

Perhaps rather than delve into this too much, how about a different idea. Currently people are using both bzr and git to access Emacs repositories, so they've tuned the .bzrignore and .gitignore files to match what they want from the different repository backends. So why not leave these files alone? When we switch from bzr+git to just git, we can remove the .bzrignore file. This would be simpler than rewriting history, would be easier for everybody to understand, and would be less likely to go wrong.

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