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build-specific lisp files (generated by configure)

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: build-specific lisp files (generated by configure)
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2014 23:09:20 -0400
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I was playing with the idea of moving some lisp variables that configure
sets (system-configuration etc) from C to lisp. Say, to an
auto-generated lisp/emacs-config.el.

It seems to work fairly nicely, but leaves you with the issue that you
now have a build-specific (even worse than platform-specific) file in
lisp/. This is a problem if you want to share lisp/ between different
builds (eg X and no-X builds). I thought about simply not installing
emacs-config.el (i.e., treat it like a C source file), but that would
fail for installed CANNOT_DUMP builds.

It's not important, but I wondered if anyone had an idea for a solution?

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