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Re: Turning off colorization

From: Paul W. Rankin
Subject: Re: Turning off colorization
Date: Sun, 09 Nov 2014 14:14:02 +1000
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

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> M-x font-lock-mode will turn off colorization, but it's not a name
> that will come to a user's mind very easily.  How about making
> colorize-mode an alias for font-lock-mode?
> Also, how about putting it in the Options menu?

I develop a package that uses font-lock-mode extensively for coloured
syntax highlighting but also line-prefix, wrap-prefix and invisible text
properties. I also use font-lock-mode to manage a "element" text
property that is integral to the mode. If a user disabled something
called "colorize-mode" thinking it would merely make the colours
disappear, he/she might be unpleasantly surprised to see many things
vanish/break also.

Am I doing something wrong in using font-lock-mode to manage these text
properties? I tried to follow the docs to the letter.

For users wanting non-coloured text I have multiple levels of
highlighting as per the documentation regarding

Is the solution to this not more along the lines of a more accessible
font-lock-maximum-decoration? I think that many major modes do not
support multi-level font-lock-keywords, but in my view they ought to.

Paul W. Rankin

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