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RE: Turning off colorization

From: Mirek Kaim
Subject: RE: Turning off colorization
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2014 19:37:48 +0100

> From: address@hidden
> Please take a look at lisp/term/xterm.el: modern terminal emulators
> report their background color as rgb:NUM1/NUM2/NUM3 rgb triplets.
> This allows Emacs to interpret the color itself, not its name.

my mistake. i recall seeing a method to check if the background is being 
reported pasted here by someone, and it didn't return rgb triplet, just the 
color name afair.

still, i think using the full 256-color palette for things like html rendering 
under the terminal should be the way to go - and by that i mean that either 
things are being displayed using a user-defined terminal/emacs theme combo 
(discarding the colors defined by a website), or colors are properly handled - 
and then the background, if not defined, should be a default specific for a web 
browser, not the default background in emacs, because then it's bound to be 

either it'll behave like a proper web browser, handling everything and having 
own default colors, or it'll have to discard all colors alltogether to 
guarantee readable results in every case. there's no perfect 'inbetween' 
solution, imho. one can't just mix up colors defined by some terminal and/or 
emacs theme with colors defined by a website, because then what - 'oh, this 
combination will be unreadable, lets change this color a bit so that the user 
won't complain'? i saw something along that line here not so long ago - 
ensuring that the page will stay readable. why bother? all that's needed is 
proper color handling, as good as possible on target display (wether it's rgb 
gui or 256-color terminal, doesn't matter).

it is website's author responsibility to make it readable. all that's needed is 
proper display of all the colors defined. in that regard, turning off 
colorization for terminals unable to report their background color is kinda 
pointless. all that matters is if 256 colors are supported - because if not, 
then there's no sure way to display a website in readable manner without 
discarding all rainbowy stuff. on the other side, if 256 colors are supported, 
then the current background shouldn't matter and in case of a website display, 
shouldn't be used at all.



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