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Re: emacs-dynamic-module in Emacs Git?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: emacs-dynamic-module in Emacs Git?
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2014 14:12:08 -0500
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> By API I meant both directions, the module API for registration and
> metadata, and the Emacs API that modules can use. So I still think a
> call-only API (only in the direction of calling the module) is best for
> now, so that .h file is unnecessary.

The exported functions will need to take Lisp_Object arguments and
return Lisp_Object values, so they need to be able to test&create
Lisp_Objects, hence they need to make calls to Emacs's C code even for
the most trivial module imaginable.

> I agree with the rest of your comments, except that it's not clear when
> you'll feel that the module loading is settled enough to merge into the
> master branch.

The criteria for me is not whether the feature is ready for general use,
but whether the code that needs to be merged is sufficiently clean
and stable ("stable" in the sense that it probably won't need to be
completely replaced by a different implementation, so future changes
should be "incremental improvements").
The current code can pretty much be merged as it is.


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