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RE: More metaproblem

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: More metaproblem
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2014 08:44:08 -0800 (PST)

> Whenever someone on this list says "please follow the standard",
> they should _also_ mention ./CONTRIBUTORS, or one of the more
> detailed files in admin/notes. That will get people used to
> refering to those files, raise awareness of them, and encourage
> people to keep them up to date.


That's the same kind of thing we do for user questions about
Emacs Lisp coding conventions etc.: (a) answer the question,
but also (b) refer them to the relevant doc about it in the

Would it hurt to put the information you refer to, which is
aimed at Emacs contributors, into the Emacs manual, as a
separate section?  A priori, that makes sense to me, but then
I don't see a logical separation between Emacs users and Emacs
contributors anyway.

IMO, it does not matter whether such info is detailed, boring,
internal stuff.  It would still be good to move it from other
files to the official doc, and give it the proper love that
such doc requires.

I think that doing this might have these benefits:

1. Put more of an accent on it, for everyone.  The content
   and form would need to be clear and complete, and kept
   up to date, but that should be the case anyway.

2. Let users know that they can contribute, and just
   what's involved (yes, in detail).

3. Encourage people to reference it, as they do now for
   questions about key-binding conventions etc.

And I do mean "move", not copy.  There should be a single
place where such info resides and is kept up to date.  My
thought is that that place should be the Emacs manual.

Just a thought.  Disclaimer: I'm not familiar with the
info I'm conjecturing about.  It just sounds to me like
this kind of info belongs in the manual, even if it is
not considered useful to the average Emacs user.

If you think that such info really does not belong in the
Emacs manual, then perhaps a separate manual for it makes

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