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Re: Have you all gone crazy? Was: On being web-friendly and why info mus

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Re: Have you all gone crazy? Was: On being web-friendly and why info must die
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2014 21:42:09 +0100
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"Allen S. Rout" <address@hidden> writes:

> On 12/17/2014 12:54 PM, Sven Axelsson wrote:
>> I have watched several of the recent threads  [...] So, why?
>>From the peanut gallery, I think the 'why' is expressed better in terms
> of personal politics than anything technical.  The Git transition, I
> think, has made Eric feel a great sense of ownership.  He's trying to
> polish stuff up that he sees as dingy.

The git translation was a good thing. And a tracker that allows bug
reports and pull requests to be handled and visible would be a good
thing. And finally, a documentation format that is easy to use and
familiar to the much of the world would be a good thing also.

Emacs has a difficult course to steer. That it respects its past is a
good thing, because the knowledge that I learn today will be useful in
five years time. Continually chasing the latest thing will result in a
lot of unnecessary churn. It also needs to change with the rest of the
world, or it will be left behind. Remaining relevant is not a given.

I use Gnus for email, because my email requirements haven't changed much
in 20 years (except for volume, and gnus is very good at that). But
org-mode has changed the way I manage notes and todo lists. And magit
has changed the way that I approach versioning. Stablity and change at
the same time.

If Eric is trying to stir things up a bit, that is surely not a bad


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