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Re: --enable-gcc-warnings is broken on Fedora 21 by GnuTLS code

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: --enable-gcc-warnings is broken on Fedora 21 by GnuTLS code
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2014 16:19:00 -0800
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Dmitry Antipov wrote:
IMO the best approach is to review/fix src/gnutls.c to handle 
among other errors and don't interfere in the library itself in any way.

Yes, that sounds right. Proposed patches attached. The first patch is purely a mechanical one to simplify maintenance, so that the mainline part of src/gnutls.c can use ordinary identifiers like gnutls_global_init instead of funky names like like fn_gnutls_global_init (the patch moves the funky names into the WINDOWSNT section). The second patch fixes src/gnutls.c to check for memory exhaustion after every call to a GnuTLS function that can report memory exhaustion, instead of relying on the deprecated gnutls_global_set_mem_functions API. Since this affects the WINDOWSNT code I'll CC: Eli.

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