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Re: word-wrap and wrapping before window-width

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: word-wrap and wrapping before window-width
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2014 22:04:46 -0500
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>> I would actually welcome a new text-property which lets the wrap-column
>> be set locally to a different value (ideally, this should also allow
>> specifying that some part of the text should be word-wrapped while
>> others should be truncated).
> This is too vague.

Unsurprisingly, yes.

> On what text will this property be put?  E.g., it cannot be on the
> part that could be after the wrap point, so it will probably have to
> be on the first character of a line.

I was thinking of placing on the whole wrappable chunk of text.  But if
that's inconvenient, it can be placed elsewhere.  The first char of
the line sounds usable as well.

> Next, what is the extent of text for which this takes effect?  IOW,
> where does this setting end?

Either at the end of the line, or as soon as the text-property is not
present any more.

> There are also issues with cursor placement and continuation
> glyphs/bitmaps.

I'd expect the continuation glyphs to be placed in the fringe as usual.
As for cursor placement, I'm not sure what issues that entails (I can't
think of any situation where it's not clear where the cursor should be
drawn, ideally).

> This all needs to be decided before it can be implemented.

To some extent the implementation can constrain the design.


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