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Re: Requesting review before pushing patch to ELPA

From: Jackson Hamilton
Subject: Re: Requesting review before pushing patch to ELPA
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2015 11:46:31 -0800

js2-mode is included in the repo for development and CI purposes. I want to test in a clean environment (emacs -Q) and also on Travis CI. Having that file available lets me easily add it to the load path. I do exclude it in .elpaignore, because I expect that when context-coloring is installed, the package manager will handle the dependency instead.

Yes, it is a truer statement that (in its current state) context-coloring works fine for some modes, but requires those files for non-js2-mode _javascript_ modes.

esprima.js is sourced from here: https://github.com/jquery/esprima/blob/1114c32c4e0ffaf47864967a835fdc0a37909f14/esprima.js
escope.js is sourced from here: https://github.com/estools/escope/blob/b191ec36b744f65df094c614510ca6125284a958/escope.js
extraverse.js is sourced from here: https://github.com/estools/estraverse/blob/c280df4aa75d7846328aa436ee5acd04afafc543/estraverse.js

On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 7:14 AM, Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> wrote:
> There are a whole bunch of people who claim copyright on those files; their
> names are listed in the files' headers. I'll note that when I requested
> copyright assignment, I alerted the clerk that I was using these libraries.
> The plugin doesn't work without them.

Does context-coloring not work at all without those files, or does it
work just fine for some modes but not for others (presumably not for
_javascript_ mode)?

> I could probably externalize those files into an "npm" package and instruct
> users to install a separate executable to run the _javascript_ portion of the
> plugin.  But I'd much rather just include them in the package, because then
> it "works out-of-the-box".

Can you give me some background about where those files come from?
Have they been written specifically for context-coloring or are they
taken from some other project?

> As for ert-async, what would be our course of action if he does not agree?

While it's of course possible, it seems highly unlikely, so I wouldn't
worry about it until that happens.


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