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Re: [Emacs-diffs] master 51e7e46: Font-lock elisp macros/special forms d

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: [Emacs-diffs] master 51e7e46: Font-lock elisp macros/special forms dynamically
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2015 12:44:35 -0400
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> Finding vhdl-mode.el (because that's large) and then doing M-:
> (jit-lock-mode nil).

jit-lock-mode used to be a proper minor mode, but it's not any more and
calling this `jit-lock-mode function is basically a bad idea.

>> Can you try "emacs -Q --eval '(setq font-lock-support-mode nil)'" and
>> retry your test.
> Yes.  So I did that and found vhdl-mode.el again.  Nothing is fontified.

That's because vhdl-mode.el is larger than font-lock-maximum-size.

> Oh, cool.  Is that going to be an alternative to `defsubst'

It's an alternative.

> or is the plan to make it `defsubst' at some point in time?

It's not compatible.


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