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Re: VC mode and git

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: VC mode and git
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2015 10:33:35 -0400

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  > Actually, you omit important history.

I don't remember it, so I will take your word that things happened as
you say.

                                           Karl Fogel and I wrote a modern
  > workflow (one which is used successfully by many many developers in
  > projects using DVCSes),

Felicitations for them, but why should that be relevant to this issue.
There is a reason why some people like that workflow, and a reason why
it screwed me.

                            you and Ken'ichi screamed, Eli rewrote it to
  > look like CVS.

Thank you, Eli.

  >   Fortunately, you guys were quite late to the party,
  > and everybody else either used a DVCS-enhanced workflow already, or
  > read the original BzrForEmacsDevs with the DVCS-enhanced workflow.

If that happened, what is fortunate about it?  You seem to be
campaigning to make people stop using CVS-style workflow, even if
it is good for them.

We can see that also in the sneer-word "modern", which is further

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