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Re: Async package.el

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: Async package.el
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 2015 05:10:41 +0300
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On 04/08/2015 09:39 PM, Artur Malabarba wrote:

Done. We can discuss if we want to improve it.

Looks fine to me.

Here's another weird thing I see now, which again could be unrelated:

I have two archives configured: GELPA and MELPA. After Emacs was launched, I can `M-x list-packages', and the list starts with 2048-game, @ and abc-mode. 4clojure (and many other packages) is listed as "incompat".

But after loading ends, 4clojure gets inserted at the second place. If I quit it and call `M-x list-packages' in the same session, 4clojure is there.

But if I restart Emacs, 4clojure is again missing at the beginning until the loading is over.

Sorry. I figured this will get automatically fixed by any of the
options already being discussed. For instance, if we do the "merge
individual items", then nothing in the algorithm would recenter the
window and this inconvenience should disapear.

Of course, I just wanted to make sure you haven't entirely missed it. "Yup" would've been okay. :)

The suggestion was not to use a question prompt, but to simply message
"Package refresh done, type g to revert buffer" instead of the ususal
"Package refresh done".

If it's a message, it'll disappear after the next command. Then, I can be only sure the list is refreshed if I don't select any items.

And this information won't be present in the interface, aside from the transient message. Kinda suboptimal.

No. If she reverts, any "i" marks will be forgotten. This is a flaw of
this approach, but one fortunate consequence is that there won't be
any such inconsistency problems.

No, I mean if she agrees to revert after the installation has started (or maybe just the downloading part started, and hasn't finished yet).

The only
difference is that now the user has a brief chance to see the old
package before it is brutally taken beyond her reach.

One could say it's worse than never seeing it, though. Wasted effort.

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