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Re: Emacs author stats

From: Artur Malabarba
Subject: Re: Emacs author stats
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 23:33:05 +0100

Fair enough.

On Apr 23, 2015 10:10 PM, "Eli Zaretskii" <address@hidden> wrote:
> Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 22:59:23 +0300
> From: Dmitry Gutov <address@hidden>
> CC: address@hidden, address@hidden
> On 04/23/2015 10:55 PM, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> >> Either way, I think the relevant metric is precisely the number of
> >> *committers*.
> >
> > Not for us, no.  Committers don't write code, they just commit.  What
> > we need is more active developers, i.e. authors.
> Of course we do, but people who just send patches are much less affected
> by the choice of the VCS.

That's not what we were told when this issue came up in the past.  To
send a patch, you need to clone the repository, develop and test the
patch, send it for review, update it several times according to
comments, rebase it as master gets new commits, etc.  All of which
involves the VCS, and so many people said they will not consider
becoming contributors unless we switched to Git.

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