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RE: how to turn off automatic curly-quoting?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: how to turn off automatic curly-quoting?
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2015 08:48:37 -0700 (PDT)

> > > Also, why is the name about "translation"?  Shouldn't
> > > this option just be about what style is used for quoting
> > > Emacs terms?
> >
> > That point has also been made.  I changed the name to 'text-quoting-style'
> > in the attached patch.  Although it's just a name, it does have uses
> > outside help buffers so at least the 'help' part of the name was misleading.
> > Other Emacs packages (e.g., coreutils) use "quoting-style" but that's too
> > generic for Emacs which has other interpretation of the word "quoting".
> How about 'symbol-quoting-style'?  Isn't that more accurate than
> 'text-quoting-style'?

Definitely.  But this "quoting" is used not only for symbols but also
for Lisp (and other language?) sexps generally.  It is also used for
key sequences.  And I've seen other uses too - cross-refs, file names,
or URLs, perhaps?

`sexp-quoting-style' is better than `symbol-quoting-style' is (much!)
better than `text-quoting-style', which is quite misleading.

What about just `quoting-style'?

But again, this is not at all about ordinary text quoting (which is
why we should not be using ordinary curly quotes for this at all).

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