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Re: running EDE from a file that is not under a project root dir

From: Stephen Leake
Subject: Re: running EDE from a file that is not under a project root dir
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2015 03:58:16 -0500
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Eric Ludlam <address@hidden> writes:

> ede/proj-elisp.el is part of a bigger project that creates Project.ede
> files.  The proj-elisp.el part is for managing Emacs Lisp code in that
> project type, and has code for creating makefile targets.


> Anyone who digs into any of the proj-*.el files will find code that
> starts dealing with file name patterns.  These are used for building
> up make rules.  There are some abstractions in there for 'source'
> files in ede/source.el for supporting that.
> I suppose that infrastructure could be used to build file patterns
> based on your current target, but it isn't bound to other project
> types.  

Ok. It could be added, so symref-grep can use it. find-file could also
use it.

> I'll also guess you won't want EDE dropping Project.ede files
> or creating Makefiles as you go along, 

A single Project.ede for each project is fine, as long as it tells me
that it's being created, and where. I expect a project manager to need a
project definition file.

Makefiles are not fine; many projects have no need of Makefiles (they
use other build tools). An explicit command to create a Makefile (or
other build specification file) would be fine.

> so some some development of EDE would be needed to start bring the
> concepts across between the feature sets.

Right. I'm willing to help do that development.

> Other project type also have emacs lisp targets, such as the Emacs
> project type.  To use, just enabled ede with
> (global-ede-mode 1)
> And go edit some Emacs.  

Is that supposed to work for random elisp code, or only for code in the
core Emacs repository?

I don't see any effect in random elisp code; in particular, M-:
(ede-current-project) returns nil.

Testing; same result in emacs/master/lisp/xml.el.

So I'm missing something.

> Everything you might want to tweak that is
> project specific is in ede/emacs.el

Hmm. No mention of load-path, so no tools for setting it. And some of
the functions are specific to the Emacs repository, but others are fully
general (ede-emacs-find-in-directories).

> You could also consider
> (ede-enable-generic-projects)
> to get other basic projects to start being used.  It will track .el
> files, but doesn't have any special features for it.

I had found that; still gives nil for (ede-current-project) in a .el
file, even after I did M-x ede-new, which created a Project.ede (without
telling me the file name or location) and an entry in my ~/.emacs
Customize (again without telling me).

I did some digging; it seems I didn't create a target. But Development |
Target Options | New Target is greyed out. It seems I created an
Automake project (it was the only choice even after
ede-enable-generic-projects), and that doesn't support creating targets.

Still missing something.

-- Stephe

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