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Re: progmodes/project.el and search paths

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: progmodes/project.el and search paths
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2015 10:05:18 +0300

> From: Dmitry Gutov <address@hidden>
> Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2015 01:30:41 +0300
> Cc: Stephen Leake <address@hidden>, address@hidden
> > 3) Iterative parsing, so each invocation of the parser only executes
> > across a single tag.
> >
> > This means that if parsing fails, we just move forward one lexical token
> > and try again.  This lets the parser just wash over anything it doesn't
> > get.
> AFAIK, parsers in general try to ignore errors, or else you wouldn't be 
> able to get any useful information, after compilation fails, about any 
> errors after the first one.

Compiler parsers indeed do that, but AFAIK not at lexical token
granularity.  I think they throw away much larger portions of the
parse tree before trying to resync.  IME, when a compiler reports an
error, it also frequently reports additional bogus errors about
unrelated symbols.

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