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Re: port x-symbol to GNU emacs 24.

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: port x-symbol to GNU emacs 24.
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2015 19:50:02 +0900

Uwe Brauer writes:

 > Do you have any reference, or is this just a guess?

 >    > Note that it's probably possible to achieve what x-symbol does
 >    > in 1/5 the code and without defining a new charset or glyphs
 >    > by simply taking advantage of the fact that most (all?) of
 >    > those symbols are already in Unicode.

That's almost certainly true; I don't know what kind of math you do so
I can't be sure the symbols you need are in Unicode, but certainly all
the math symbols I can remember are in it (I admit I haven't memorized
the symbol tables in the TeXBook.)  So I think the odds are quite high
that you can rip out of x-symbol all of the charset code and glyph
definitions, and just use the macro/character swapping code and input

 >    > I believe there are TeX add-ons that allow you to use them
 >    > instead of the traditional macros, as well, so you might not
 >    > even need to fiddle the display of the TeX file at all, and
 >    > x-symbol would be completely irrelevant.

That's a guess, based on the fact that recent versions of xelatex
uglified documents derived from my older templates until I set the
parameter that enables the traditional double-APOSTROPHE,
double-GRAVE, and multiple-hyphen ligatures again.

It's certainly possible to do this, but since these are all going to
be multibyte characters you'd need to do some really obnoxious
gymnastics with active characters.

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