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Re: Supporting multiline Package-Requires header

From: Artur Malabarba
Subject: Re: Supporting multiline Package-Requires header
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2015 10:17:37 +0100

On Aug 23, 2015 7:33 AM, "Achim Gratz" <address@hidden> wrote:
> Stefan Monnier writes:
> >>     (or (lm-header "package-version")
> >>         (lm-header "version")
> >>         (unless (equal pkg "org")
> >>           (error "Missing `version' header")))
> >>
> >> Is this still necessary?
> I've finally had a look at what you're doing there.
> > Sadly, yes.  But it should be "easy" to solve: ask the Org guys to put the
> > version of their package in org.el's pseudo-headers.
> The easy solution is to recognize that you already got a complete
> package archive from the Org guys which is ready to be deployed.

I'm meaning to see if Elpa can be made to look for a -pkg file before visiting the main package file to gather information.
I was just forced to interrupt what I was doing here because I had to start writing my thesis,but I'll get back to it eventually.

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