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Location of tests (again) (was Re: Makefile-help)

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Location of tests (again) (was Re: Makefile-help)
Date: Sat, 07 Nov 2015 10:55:42 +0000
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Stephen Leake <address@hidden> writes:

> address@hidden (Phillip Lord) writes:
>> Phillip Lord <address@hidden> writes:
>>> Is there an organisation for tests that I am unaware off? Would there be
>>> interest in a policy based on file name?
>> I've started work on writing a script to move all the files (seems
>> better than doing it manually as it's more checkable), and I've updated
>> my specification based on comments; I'll push all of this to a scratch
>> branch tomorrow.
>> While doing this, I've realised that I'm going to need to update the
>> Makefile (which assumes a flat directory structure for tests). 
>> My make expertise is quite limited. Would anyone be free to help me get
>> this working.
> I'm fairly good with make, and have time to work on this.
> Let me know the scratch branch name.

Actually, it turned out not to be so difficult. I didn't know about
eval in make, but once I'd worked that out, the changes were quite

It's on scratch/multi-level-test-makefile

My solution is currently limited to a fixed number of subdirs (i.e it's
not fully recursive), but then that isn't like to change quickly, if at
all. I'd welcome feedback, though.

The proposed directory layout is inside a file called emacs-tests.org at
top level (obviously not where I intend to leave it). I've accepted most
of the changes people suggested except for one. Some one suggested to
but tests of C core ~test/automated/src~ which sounded good. But
thinking about it, it probably makes more sense to leave this for C
level testing framework. So now we have

test/automated/lisp/progmodes (and so on....)
test/automated/lisp/c (lisp tests for the C core)

test/automated/lisp/legacy (ones which don't fit, to be fixed)

test/automated/src (empty but reserved for C tests of C core)

There's a shell-script embedded in emacs-tests.org to actually apply the
move. As we are in feature freeze, I'd plan to do this immediately after
the release branch is ready.

Comments welcome.


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