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git flow for emacs master/emacs-25

From: Stephen Leake
Subject: git flow for emacs master/emacs-25
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2015 17:10:54 -0600
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I created a separate git workspace for emacs-25, via the following

    cd /Projects/emacs/master
    git fetch
    git branch emacs-25 origin/emacs-25
    cd ..
    git clone -b emacs-25 /Projects/emacs/master emacs-25
    cd emacs-25

This allows me to have both master and emacs-25 always checked out and
compiled, and reduces disk space in the repositories, and the time it
takes to update the repositories, and the load on savannah.

I can commit and try to push:

    cd /Projects/emacs/emacs-25
    git commit ...
    git push

That pushes from the local emacs-25 repository to the local master
repository; still need to push to savannah:

    cd ../master
    git push

That fails because there are new commits on emacs-25.

So I want to update the emacs-25 workspace via:

    cd /Projects/emacs/master
    git fetch --all
    cd ../emacs-25
    git fetch --all
    git rebase

The "git fetch" in master shows the new commits in emacs-25.

But the "git fetch" in emacs-25 doesn't fetch the commits.

What am I missing?

-- Stephe

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